Our mission is to build a more transparent and secure global food system, using hyperspectral technology. Our software platform provides insights about the quality and characteristics of different foods non-invasively and rapidly, using image recognition and predictive learning.


  • A third of all food produced in the world is wasted, totalling around 1.3 billion tonnes and costing almost $1 trillion every year
  • Food fraud costs the global economy upwards of $40 billion a year
  • If we reduced the amount of food wasted by 25%, there would be enough food to feed everyone on the planet



Hyperspectral imaging combines the power of digital imaging with a chemical technique called spectroscopy. This means you can take a picture of a food item and understand the nutritional content, freshness levels and how much protein, fat, sugar or moisture it contains.

Different objects reflect light differently, generating unique spectral signatures which represent particular food characteristics. We are building a library of these signatures to enable food businesses to more accurately identify products and predict their quality attributes during processing.


  • Non-invasive and real-time system, replaces destructive sample tests, subjective visual inspections and time-consuming lab tests
  • Reduces waste and increases quality, consistency and safety of products
  • Integrates in-line in production facilities and distribution centres
  • Increases transparency
  • Enhances brand value

Food Quality from Images


ImpactVision’s product is a package: firstly, a camera which acquires hyperspectral data from food products, for example, beef, based on certain important parameters, such as pH, a strong predictor for freshness, tenderness and colour.

Secondly, ImpactVision’s software interprets the data and sends back actionable information to the user for decision-making on various aspects of food quality. With this data, food companies can rapidly determine attributes, facilitating real-time decisions through risk-mitigating analytics for both quality and safety.

Software Packages

Click here for a comprehensive list of relevant parameters for meat, fish and fruit and vegetables.

Get in touch for a quote, if you are a food company interested in finding out how ImpactVision’s solution can increase the transparency, safety and security of your supply chains.


Hyperspectral sensors are rapidly decreasing in size and price. Within a couple of years they will be available at a consumer level, integrated into devices such as smartphones, empowering people to see beyond the borders of human vision.

Food quality will then be assessed in real-time in supermarkets and restaurants, and ImpactVision will play a key role in building the food system of the future.



We’re looking for partners in the food industry to build hyperspectral solutions across different products. Get in touch to find out more and to view our demo.

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